thu. oct. 24 2019

vinyl release party: bellenger | eisl | wurzwallner | zachariadis, knurrhahn
klub moozak #101
24.10.2019 - open doors 20:00 cet / concerts 21:00
fluc / 1020 wien / praterstern
entry: free donation

bellenger | eisl | wurzwallner | zachariadis (fr/at)
knurrhahn (at)
guest dj:
jakob schauer (at)

kindly supported by wien kultur ma7.



Alexandre Bellenger was born in Paris, France, in July 1978. He is a composer of musique concrète and a turntablist. Since 2000 he has played or recorded throughout Europe with musicians such as Noël Akchoté, Thomas Ankersmit, Oliver Augst, Jac Berrocal, Rüdiger Carl, Chris Corsano, Will Guthrie, Sven-Åke Johansson, Sachiko M, Erik Minkkinen, Aki Onda, Yoshihide Otomo, Jean-François Pauvros, Arnaud Rivière, Ignaz Schick, Martin Tétreault, Roger Turner and many others. Since 2017, he is a member of Philippe Mion’s class at the School of Music of Vitry-sur-Seine (France).


Michael Eisl graduated in BULME Telecommunications Engineering, and then studied Psychology. He is self-taught on piano, guitar, double bass and in music theory and production methods. Since 2002 composer and producer, commissioned compositions for theater, short and commercial films and installations as well as interpreter of numerous concerts. He lives in Graz.


Patrick Wurzwallner is an Austrian drummer, composer, wordsmith, dilettantic video-artist and pop-culture/new-media- trash enthusiast. He continiously provides artistical and logistical services for the cultural entities Steirischer Herbst, Diagonale, Elevate and Interpenetration and hits the drums in the following bands: ZSAMM (with Maja Osojnik), Heifetz (with Arne Glöckner), WaikikiStarDestroyer (with Stefan Ernst), FaceNoMore aka AltavistaSocialClub (with Phil Iroh), WZ with Nikos Zachariadis aka Opcion and and a few other yet unnamed projects. He is an active member of the programming committee of Forum Stadtpark hosting and curator of the following series of events: Dunkelkammer, Listening Sessions, GIK-Grazer Impro Klub and És - Phasenverschiebung.


Nikos Zachariadis is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and organizer in Graz. Since his studies of architecture he mainly deals with effects and manipulations of sensory perception within the field of tension image-sound-space-time in various constellations and aspects. His special interest is the interlocking of real, imaginary and virtual space and the resulting aesthetic shifts of the atmosphere. The spectrum of works includes - in addition to works in classical media and electroacoustic concerts - i.a. immersive AV environments and performative sound sculptures.


Reni Weichselbaum - Recorders
Bernhard Loibner - Electronics

This instrumental duo is dedicated to conversations between instrumental and electronic sound waves. It is a meeting of two musicians developing an improvised dialogue which melts sonic textures and musical gestures into manifestations of movement and stillness. Their aim is to lead the audience towards a practice of active listening within various figurations between silence and noise. The sublime timbres of the Paetzold-Recorder and other reed instruments meet pulsating oscillators, abstract sound layers and noise elements from analog and digital electronic instruments. This results in expressive to meditative acoustic formations with vigorous effect on the recipient.

The two members work together since 2016. They have performed a number of concerts and continue to develop their common musical use of forms. The duo also works on studio recordings and hopes to release a record during the year 2019.

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