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sep.04, köln/Germany:
sep.07, eupen/Belgium:
sep.14, vienna/Austria:
dafeldecker, fussenegger, dieb13:

durian jan. 1999

01 - printer [29:04] by dafeldecker, fussenegger, kovacic
02 - mokele - mbembe [7:02] by dafeldecker
03 - dun [4:07] by kovacic
04 - bastimentos [13:41] by fussenegger

printer recorded live on mai 20 1999 at stockwerk / graz
mokele - mbembe, dun and bastimentos are remixes of printer.
printer mixed and mastered by werner dafeldecker.
coverdesign by kraner und hofmann.
lettering by tom rengelshausen.

mokele - mbembe is dedicated to redmond o'hanlon, bastimentos to clarence taylor.